Online Roulette

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Online Roulette is a beloved game in New Zealand, where players can bet on numbers or ranges. Real money bets hold the potential for substantial jackpots. With various rule variations, Mini Roulette boasts improved odds, while Multi-Wheel Roulette allows simultaneous betting. American Roulette features an additional green slot, while French Roulette offers advantageous player rules.

- Welcome bonuses are offered on first deposits.
- Different types of roulette have different rules
- Easy to understand rules
- Ability to play in local currency

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What is Online Roulette?

Online roulette is complete mimic of the popular land-based casino table game. The game consists of two main elements: table with betting sections and the wheel.

The classic wheel has 37 numbered pockets (where one is zero), and each is painted black, red, or green (zero). There is also little ball on top of the wheel whose size matches the pockets. While the betting table has betting option corresponding with the wheel. So you will see all 37 numbers there, and you can bet on them. This is called inside bets. There are also couple of interesting outside bets like odd, or even numbers, colors, number groups, etc. 

Once the round begins, the croupier will spin the wheel. When the rotation stops, ball will land into one of the pockets, defining whether you win or not.

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Roulette Variations

Roulette is featured in casinos all over the world, having changed its rules multiple times. As a result, we know a couple of main online roulette variations, which are widely used. Thus, the most popular roulette versions are:

Live Dealer Roulette

As the name suggests, live dealer roulettes are conducted with the help of a real dealer. You can communicate with the dealer using a special chat, which can also be used to talk to other gamblers in your room. This roulette type will suit people who want a land-based roulette experience from their device.

European Roulette

This roulette variation is the one that got the most fame. A good old classic with 37 pockets on the wheel and a bunch of different betting options. It will be great for players who don’t want to learn something new and just want to play a simple roulette.

French Roulette

Coming on to the second, French roulette, there is not much to say. Its main distinction is a unique table layout and some design choices. For example, certain bets look different like 1st to 12, 2nd to 12, 3d to 12, and are located in other spots.

American Roulette

Just like Americans love to bring innovations, the same they did with the roulette game. In the American game version, there are 38 pockets because they have added a 00 section. This brought some changes to the house edge, which is a bit over 5% compared to 2.7% in the European roulette.

English Roulette

English roulette is another game variation that follows the European style and doesn’t introduce any new game section. It has an interesting table design that makes it stand out, and the number of players per table is reduced to 7.

Deutsche Roulette

A Deutsche roulette is absolutely the same as the European one, with the only difference being German-speaking dealers. The layout, bets, and house edge remain the same.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-wheel roulettes have a couple of wheels, instead of one, like in traditional games. Such a game design decision makes a significant difference, allowing you to simultaneously make two sets of bets.

Mini Roulette

Like a little brother, mini roulette is a small version of the full-fledged roulette game. It has fewer pockets in the wheel (13 instead of 37). Mini roulette will work better for people who don’t want to deal with a bunch of bets.

Double Ball Roulette

Double ball roulette features two balls at one wheel. After the spin, it has a similar outcome to multi-wheel roulette, as you can win two sets of bets simultaneously.

The Difference

Generally, each of those game variations has different design and table layout, making it easy to distinguish them. For instance, on the French roulette table, outside bets are located on each side of the table, while in the European one, they’re grouped into a section on one side. The only major difference between the American roulette and others is that it has a double zero (00) bet with higher odds.

Systems and Strategies in Online Roulette

To get the most value from playing roulette casinos online, it would be best if you could stick to some strategies. But inventing such systems on your own is a tough task and almost impossible if you are new player. But luckily, we have a couple of mathematical strategies and systems invented long ago and proved their consistency and efficiency through the years.

The Martingale Strategy

Starting up with the easiest strategy that will go very well alongside a cashback bonus. Players must first start with an initial bet of their choosing. This can be any amount, but it's important to keep in mind that the bet will need to be doubled each time a loss occurs. Thus, even if you lose a couple of chips, you will bet a larger amount and get your money back. Once you win, you go back to the initial bet.

The Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system takes its roots deep in Indian mathematics and can be used in different life spheres. It features a sequence of numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377. To make this strategy work, you need to move through this sequence by multiplying your initial bet on the number on a scale. Remember that you need to move only when your stake is losing, and when you reach the end, just go back.

The D’Alembert Strategy

D'Alembert's strategy is often seen as a more conservative version of the Martingale System. The basic idea behind this strategy is to increase your bet by one unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win. This can help to reduce the overall risk of losing a large amount of money in a single session, while still providing opportunities to win and potentially turn a profit.

How to Play Online Roulette in NZ

If you have never played online roulette, you should not be afraid of that, as it is one of the easiest casino games. But just like any good gambling activity, it is tricky to get good at it. If we wanted to break down playing process into steps, they would look like this:

  1. Login into your casino account and find a roulette game;
  2. Make sure that you have enough funds on your balance to make a bet; if you don’t, make a deposit;
  3. Enter the game, and choose a bet you want to place;
  4. When stakes are made, watch the wheel rotate and wait till the ball stops;
  5. When you win, you can choose whether proceed to play or get a payout;
  6. To get a payout, go to the banking window, choose withdrawal, and cash out.

Outside Bets in Online Roulette

Generally, the roulette betting table can be divided into several bet types. The first we want to tell you about are outside bets. They have a lower payout, but on the other hand, you have much more chances of winning when placing them. Outside bets include:

Odd The ball lands on an odd number
Even The ball lands on an even number
Red The ball lands on a red number
Black The ball lands on the black number
1 – 18 The ball lands on numbers between 1 and 18 (including them)
19 – 36 The ball lands on numbers between 1 and 18 (including them)
1st 12 The ball lands on numbers between 1 and 12
2nd 12 The ball lands on numbers between 13 and 24
3rd 12 The ball lands on numbers between 25 and 26

Inside Bets in Online Roulette

On the opposite of outside bets, inside bets are less likely to bring you the win, but their payout is much more generous. Such bets will suit a person who wants to play less and get more. Inside bets feature:

Street A ball lands on one of the three horizontal numbers (1 – 3)
Six Line A ball lands on numbers located in two horizontal lines (1 – 6)
Column A ball lands on one of the three vertical columns
Corner A ball lands on one of the four adjacent numbers (22, 23, 24, 25)
Split A ball lands one of the two numbers on the intersection (19, 22)
Straight Up A ball lands one of any numbers on the field

Mobile Roulette for Kiwi Player

Just like the gambling industry was transferred from land-based casinos to computers. Now it is slowly getting into our mobile devices. And if you think about roulette played on the mobile device, it makes a lot of sense, as this game doesn’t require you to make constant plays. You just need to press one button and wait for the payout, which is very comfortable on your phone.

iOS Roulette
iOS Roulette

If you are an owner of an iOS gadget, it wouldn’t be a problem to enter your favorite roulette from your device. You can either use the App Store to download the casino/roulette app and start playing or use the browser. Thanks to HTML5, any device with a supported iOS system can smoothly run roulette with the browser without worrying about lags.

Android Roulette
Android Roulette

And if you own an Android, you have more options for downloading an app. Thus, some casinos can only be installed directly with an *.apk file, which can be found on casinos’ websites. Or you can use a Play Market to get an app if it is present there. Otherwise, using a browser is a viable option for Androids too, and will work fine.

Roulette Terms

Online roulette don’t have much complicated terms for you to remember. The game is as straightforward as it can be, so you just need to know the bet types and some gaming slang:

Black Bet Bet on the black number
Column Bet Bet on a specific column
Corner Bet Bet on the four adjacent numbers (on the corners between them)
Croupier A person who accepts bets and spins the wheel
Double Zero Bet on the double zero number (exclusive to American roulette)
Dozen Bet Bet on twelve numbers at once
En Prison A gaming stage when 0 becomes a prison. Further, if a player bets on the even number and the ball lands on 0, he will be imprisoned until the next bet. If the player wins the second bet, they get imprisoned bet back.
Five-Number Bet Bet on the five numbers (exclusive to American roulette)
Inside Bet Bet on the “Inside” roulette table numbers
La Partage If player bets on an even number and the ball get on zero, half of the bet will be returned
Low Bet Bets on the numbers between 1 and 18
Outside Bet Bet on one of the “Outside” table numbers
Red Bet Bet on the red colored number
Single-Zero Roulette Roulette types without double-zero number
Split Bet Bet on the intersected numbers
Straight Bet Bet on any specific number

Online Roulette Bankroll Money Management

During gambling, when you can’t control so many things on the playing table, you should take over what you can change. And one of the things that you can manage is a bankroll. Good gamblers must pay attention to their balance and make each bet thoughtfully. To manage your bankroll more efficient, you can part it into three sections:

Session stake
Session stake

Certain amount of betting funds you will use for one particular gaming session.

Daily stake
Daily stake

The funds you are planning to spend on the entire day of gambling

Special stake
Special stake

It is a bonus amount of funds you will use in particular situations when you want to play big.

Tips for Playing Online Roulette

If you want to know expert advice on playing online roulette then we have some tips for you. Those will become a great addition to the knowledge you have already gained from this article and will lead you to even more wins.

Play With the Best Online Casinos
Play With the Best Online Casinos

Before spinning a wheel, it is crucial to find a good website, that is, one with a license and bonuses. A great gambling platform will be a solid foundation and guarantee safe playing. Otherwise, you have a chance to be deceived and lose some of the funds which you earned under casino rules.

Respect Rule Variations
Respect Rule Variations

Before jumping into the playing, learn all the essential rules. First, understand the type of roulette you are dealing with. Further, learn all the possible bets and corresponding payouts, so you know how much you will earn after a successful bet.

Know Your Limits
Know Your Limits

Remember that your bankroll is not endless, and you need to track it constantly. There is no sense in making reckless plays in roulette, as it can quickly drain all your available funds. Set a limit of, let’s say, NZ$50 to lose daily and stop once you reach it.

Set Your Bankroll
Set Your Bankroll

To get the most efficient results from roulette gambling, you must set a different bankroll. It will help you stay the most consistent with the bets, win more, and prolong your gameplay as you stretch your budget with planning. Take a certain amount, like NZ$100, and divide it into smaller bets to control spending.

Learn the Rules
Learn the Rules

Rules are an essential part of any casino game you enter. It would not be logical to play without learning them, as it is like stepping into the darkness. Additionally, it would be hard for you to follow other tips like knowing your limits and setting a bankroll without having the rules behind it.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect

Once you are done with all the previous sections, it is time to go in and play. The more time you spend making bets and spinning the wheel, the better your results will be. Remember that gambling has many skills which come only with practice.

Online Roulette Payment Methods

Payment methods are a vital element required to make depositing and withdrawing easy. Thus, the most efficient payment options are:


It is an easy and safe way to manage your money with an e-wallet. Paysafecard has a functional mobile app, allowing you to track your transactions and transfer funds.


Muchbetter is a revolutionary e-wallet that got numerous rewards in the financial sphere and got more and more clients among the gambling community.


It is an outstanding e-wallet that will allow you to make fast and safe casino transactions.

Prezzy card

If you have a gift that you don’t know where to use it, you can easily utilize it to replenish your casino balance.


With Skrill, you can easily get funds on your casino balance and get loyalty points alongside to reach a VIP status.


If you are looking for an e-wallet that allows you to quickly and safely manage your funds, Neteller is your choice.


Users that value the ability to conduct confidential payments without fees will like an Ecopayz payment tool.

Pay by Phone

You can also connect one of your cards to your phone payment method to make transactions.

Apple Pay

If you own an iOS device, you can use its unique feature Apple Pay as a payment tool. It allows you to connect your credit card to it and run safe internet transactions.

Google Pay

If your device runs on Android OS, you can use Google Pay for quick and safe transactions.


Cryptocurrencies will be a great payment method for gamblers who track the market and know when they should utilize a certain crypto coin.

Online Roulette Software Providers

All the roulette games that you see online come from certain software providers. The best roulette software providers on the net are:

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play

Even though this provider specifies in the pokies, it has a couple of great roulettes enjoyed by thousands of gamers daily.


If you are looking for unique visual design and smooth, satisfying visual effects, RTG’s software will be your favorite.


Playtech develops different software pieces that help gambling websites run smoothly on most devices. It also has launched a few successful roulettes, which are respected by gamblers.


Software developer operating since 1994 that knows what online casino needs better than anyone else.


It is a passionate software developer specializing in delivering iconic gaming experiences with the help of outstanding 3D graphics.


After much study, it has become clear that online roulette is a dynamic and exciting game with several variations, each providing unique opportunities. Whether you like the risk-reward equation of American Roulette, the player-friendly rules of French Roulette, or the compact and accessible Mini Roulette, there is a version to suit every player's style. The possibility of winning real money can be especially exciting. Notably, the real beauty of online roulette lies in its variety and the strategic decisions it encourages.


No, online roulette is a fair game. If you want to break all the doubts, you can play live roulette where the wheel mimics a land-based casino, and it is impossible to deceive you.
Yes, there is a minimum bet in each roulette, but it depends on the limitations set by the provider and can range from NZ$0.10 to NZ$10.
Yes, roulette online in NZ can give you the same excitement as the land-based game, but you can enjoy it straight from your dwelling.