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Online video poker combines a strategic card game with the instant accessibility of online gaming. Players bet, play and discard cards in an effort to get the highest-ranked hand, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of digital entertainment. In this guide, you'll find the rules you need to start playing, and the factors to consider when choosing a casino.

- Fixed odds
- Free play is available to enhance your skills
- Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild are the most popular
- Video poker is a single game

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What is Online Poker Game?

Poker online casino game is digital version of well-known land-based poker. The game revolves around card deck, dealt to players and put onto the table. The players compete with each other on has the strongest hand, and if the one does, he wins. How to do that? Well, player needs to form card combinations of his cards and cards on the table.

Poker is complicated game tied to mathematical probabilities. Thus, every player who wants success needs to constantly think about his opponents’ hands and try to define how high the chance of them having a certain combination is. Another important factor that spices up poker matches is bluff. Poker works the way any player can make a bet trying to pretend that he has a strong hand, even if he doesn’t. This makes games much more exciting, as even if you have the worst cards ever, you can deceive your opponents and steal some of their chips.

Best Casinos with Online Poker

If you want to bet some of your cash on your hand, but don’t have a good platform to do that, then we have good news for you. Our gambling researchers have made a list of the best online poker platforms, which you can see below. We’ve check every aspect of then, from licensing and security to bonus conditions and game variety.

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How We Review the Best Casinos with Online Poker

To find the best online poker casino, the game isn’t the only thing we look at. There are plenty of vital factors which must be inspected, so our readers will have the best casino poker gaming experience.

Top-Notch Security
Top-Notch Security

The Internet is unsafe, and every website owner needs to provide measures to protect inner users, and so do poker casinos. So while inspecting a website, we need to ensure that it has strong security like SSL or TLS encryption that protects your data when you share it with the casino.

License and Trustworthiness
License and Trustworthiness

Having just few security measures is not enough for a website to be called trustworthy. License is essential that proves that the casino is operating legally and ready to be responsible for all the actions within their website. It also guarantees that you’ll receive your payouts no matter what. Some of the top license issuers are the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Gaming Contro Board, and UK Gambling Commission.

Customer Support 24/7
Customer Support 24/7

Thousands of casino customers have questions they want to ask daily. And the best way to respond to them is to facilitate good customer support. Thus, we want the websites to have at least two ways of how you can reach out to support, including phone call, e-mail, chat, etc. While their response should be quick (within 5 minutes) and resultative, solving your problem swiftly.

Freerolls and Bonuses
Freerolls and Bonuses

Freerolls are an important part of poker’s routine, allowing players to participate in serious competitions without spending much money. While bonus deals are helping gamblers to get more playing hours for free. Both these features are important, and we look for them while selecting websites. Our goal is to make sure these promotions come with adequate wagering requirements so that you don’t have to wager your welcome promo 80 times.

Range of Games and Tournaments
Range of Games and Tournaments

There are many different poker variations out there, and a good casino website should have at least a few. It helps to bring diversity and new colors to gamblers' routines. Tournaments are also important as they allow gamblers to grow as professional poker players. We check how many regular tourneys the platform offers and what the amount of its guaranteed daily prizes is.

Mobile Support
Mobile Support

Every modern casino should have its mobile app or mobile browser optimization. It is important to players, as not everyone has 100% access to their computer. So we test how well the app/browser version runs and different devices and inspect its functionality. Naturally, we prefer sites that have a dedicated app for both Android and iOS.

Payout Speed
Payout Speed

Nobody wants to wait hours till they get their prize from casino poker games online. That is why it is crucial for a casino website to have fast withdrawal processing, allowing gamblers to get their money quicker. Our team makes sure the casino pays out winnings as stated in their terms and conditions but not longer than 48 hours.

Friendly Payment Methods
Friendly Payment Methods

And finally, we look at the payment methods range available at casinos. The more reputable payment tools there are like Skrill, Neteller, or bank cards, the easier it will be for gamblers to deposit/withdraw. Additionally, we want casinos on our list not to charge any fees and to have payment methods that allow gambling-related operations.

As we mentioned, there are a couple of different online casino poker games. They slightly differ in the rules, but the game’s essence stays the same: to make a combination stronger than your opponent’s.

How to play Texas Hold'em variation of Poker

Texas Hold’em

It is classic poker game featuring two cards in the player’s hand (known as "hole cards") and five cards on the table. In this game variation, bets will be placed each turn by calling, raising, folding, and checking. While it can be a game of luck, it is also a game that requires skill and strategy, making it appealing to players of all levels.

  • Considered easier to learn than other forms of poker
  • Typically has more action due to the large number of players involved in each hand
  • The most popular form of poker
  • Fast-paced and dynamic game
  • Less variety
  • Still a skill-based game, but can be more luck-based than other forms of poker
  • Some players feel that Texas Hold'em lacks the strategic depth of other forms of poker
  • Due to a large number of players and the high volatility of each hand, Texas Hold'em can be more susceptible to "bad beats" (losing a hand despite having a strong starting hand)

3 Card

3 Card Poker is completely different variation of the game with some new combo possibilities. When you play 3 Card Poker, you are competing against the dealer's hand, not other players. This, combined with the game's limited strategy, higher house edge, and fewer opportunities for bluffing, may make it less interesting or challenging for more experienced players looking for a deeper and more complex poker experience.

  • A great choice for beginners as it is one of the simplest forms of poker
  • Can be played quickly
  • Involves fewer decisions and requires less strategy, making it a more relaxed and casual game to play
  • Opportunity for big payouts, especially in online poker games
  • Less challenging for experienced players as there are fewer decisions to make
  • Higher house edge
  • Compared to other forms of poker, there are fewer variations of 3 Card Poker
  • Fewer opportunities to bluff
How to play Three Card Poker
How to play Five-Card variation of Poker

Five-Card Draw

During the Five-Card Draw match, there are no cards on the tables, and each player is dealt five cards. The game has the same tempo as the Texas Holdem, with similar betting options.

  • It is also one of the easiest forms of poker to play
  • A classic form of poker that has been played for generations
  • Can involve a lot of action and frequent betting, making it more exciting for some players
  • Relatively easy to learn, but still requires skill and strategy to master
  • Players only have information about their own hand, which can make it difficult to judge the strength of other players' hands or to make strategic decisions based on the cards already in play
  • Involves only one round of betting and limited opportunities to exchange cards
  • There are fewer variations of five-card draw poker
  • Five-Card Draw may be familiar to some players, but it is not as widely played or as popular as some other forms of poker.

Omaha High/Low

The main distinct difference between classic poker and Omaha high/low is that during Omaha, each player gets four cards. In the end, the prize pot is divided between the best hand for high and low. While it may be more complex and difficult to learn than some other forms of poker, it also offers more opportunities for winning and a wider variety of strategic options. However, the higher variance, limited popularity, and reduced effectiveness of bluffing may make it less appealing for some players.

  • Involves a lot of action and betting
  • Offers a lot of variety in terms of strategy and gameplay, with both high and low hands to consider
  • Players have more opportunities to win pots
  • Requires skill and strategy to master
  • More complex and difficult to learn
  • Players may experience more ups and downs in their bankroll
  • It is not as widely played or as well-known as some other forms of the game
  • Bluffing may be less effective
How to play Omaha High/Low variation of Poker
How to play Seven Card Stud variation of Poker

Seven-Card Stud

In Seven-Card Stud, all players are dealt three cards, with one card face up. Gameplay then continues with exciting discard and all-in games. Please note that the slower pace, limited popularity, and susceptibility to collusion may be less appealing to some players.

  • Skill-based game, which may appeal to players who enjoy a challenge
  • Ante-based structure, which means that all players contribute to the pot before each hand is dealt
  • Can be more predictable as players can see more of their opponents' cards throughout the hand
  • Can be played in both high-low split and high-only formats, offering additional options
  • Can be a slower game than some other forms of poker, as it involves more rounds of betting
  • Loses popularity over time
  • Offers fewer strategic options
  • More susceptible to collusion or cheating (players can see more of each other's cards in Seven-Card Stud poker)


Razz poker is a unique variation of Seven-Card Stud poker in which players try to make the lowest possible hand, rather than the highest. In Razz, players are dealt seven cards throughout the game, but only the best five-card low hand determines the winner.

  • Unique format
  • Requires skill and strategy to master
  • Ante-based structure: offers potentially bigger pots
  • Can be played in both high-low split and high-only formats
  • Razz poker is not as widely played or as popular as some other forms of poker
  • Lowball game: less action and excitement than other forms of poker
  • Fewer strategic options
  • Confusing for beginners
How to play Razz variation of Poker
How to play Horse variation of Poker


A Horse is considered to be a master poker game. Throughout its duration, you must participate in five different games, including Limit Holdem, Omaha High/Low, Razz, Stud and Stud High/Low. Can be complex, slow-paced, and require a wider range of skills.

  • Play several different types of poker in sequence
  • Challenging game
  • General pot offers larger winnings
  • Includes high-low split and high-only formats
  • Can be complex and confusing
  • Slow-paced as it involves playing several different games with different rules and strategies
  • Limited popularity
  • Requires a broader skill set

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a poker variation where you play against a gaming machine. Thus, you need to make bets and collect combos, which will multiply your winnings. To win, you need to collect a hand that has at least a pair of jacks. Jacks or Better Poker is a great option for beginners who are just starting to learn poker, as it has a simple and straightforward set of rules and hand rankings.

  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Rules are straightforward, and the hand rankings are easy to remember
  • One of the most popular video poker games in online casinos
  • High payout percentage
  • Limited strategy: the gameplay is more focused on choosing which cards to keep and which to discard, rather than making complex betting decisions
  • Could be a bit boring
  • The variance can be quite high as well (thus players can experience long losing streaks before hitting a big win)
How to play Jacks or Better variation of Poker
How to play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is another form of poker where the object is to beat the dealer's hand. Each player is dealt five cards, the same as the dealer (but with one of his cards face up). Depending on your hand, you must ante (continue playing) or fold your cards. So the only decision players have to make is whether to fold or play based on the strength of their hand. This makes the game very simple.

  • Easy to learn
  • Progressive jackpots available
  • Fixed payouts
  • High house edge
  • Limited strategy
  • No opportunity for bluffing
  • Not widely available in casinos

Main Poker Hands

As there are so many rules in poker games, hands remain their core part. So we wanted to simplify your gameplay by acquainting you with all of the card combos you can form with your hand and table cards. We will start our list with the weakest combo and move to the unbeatable one.

🃏 High Card If luck wasn’t your companion today, the only play you will have is a high card. Thus, the highest card from the table and your hand will be considered a high card. Playing around the high card is impossible, as the chances of other players having a stronger combo are pretty high.
🃏 One Pair One pair is the most basic combo that consists of two cards of the same rank. If two players have a pair, the higher one gets a win. For example, if you have a pair of aces while your opponent has a pair of sevens, you are an obvious winner.
🃏 Two Pair As the name suggests, a two-pair combo is when you have a double pair (two eights and two queens, for example). The higher pair cards define the winner as the same as with one pair.
🃏 Three of a Kind To form a three-of-a-kind combo, you need to collect three cards of the same rank. It is a pretty tough task and happens not that often. So that is why this combo stands upon simple pairs.
🃏 Straight To get a straight, you need to form an ascending sequence of five cards. For example, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
🃏 Flush To form a flush, your playing hand should have five cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter in which order they are placed.
🃏 Full House A full house is basically a combo of one pair and three-of-a-kind. It doesn’t matter what the suits of the cards are.
🃏 Four of a Kind As you could already guess, a four-of-a-kind is a combo where you collect all of the same suit cards.
🃏 Straight Flush A very rare combo where you collect five sequenced cards of the same suit. For example, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of the clubs would be a straight flush.
🃏 Royal Flush A royal flush is the strongest possible poker combo, where the player must collect sequenced cards of one suit that go up to the ace.  So it should be ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit.

Different Options to Play Poker

We have examined what kind of poker rule types there are, but poker is also classified by other parameters. To familiarize you with them, we are going to look at the most popular casino online poker options to play in New Zealand.

Video VS Online Poker

Video poker is a game where the player makes a bet and plays against the pokie. It’s a 5-Card Draw where you get 5 cards and choose which ones to keep and which ones to swap. While online poker is a regular game against other players that is conducted online.

Poker Rooms

Apart from online casinos, you can play poker in special online rooms. This is the main way of playing poker online. You create an account and choose poker tables to join. When you join a table, you get to interact with other players in real time.

Live Dealer Poker

Live dealer poker games allow users to feel like they’re in a land-based casino from the comfort of their homes. Such games are conducted by live dealers, who you can always communicate with using a chat.

Poker Tournaments

Finally, skilled poker players can take the next step in their poker career and participate in real tournaments like the World Series Poker Tour or its smaller counterparts. Not all websites feature such activities, but if they do, they gather many poker pros.

Online Poker Rules for Kiwi Player

Each Kiwi poker player should remember about these basic game rules to get their pots:

  • Each player is given two face-down cards at the start
  • Players choose their bet (raise, call, check, fold)
  • The dealer exposes two first table cards
  • The betting turn is repeated
  • Further, the cycle of exposing cards and betting repeats until the table has five cards on it
  • In the end, players expose their combinations to determine who the winner is

How to Start Playing Poker Online

If you want to begin your poker journey right now and start winning your stakes, we have a handy guide for you. Following these steps will quickly enter the world of poker and start placing your first stakes.

Find the Right Poker Site
Find the Right Poker Site

The first step to start playing casino poker games online is to find an appropriate website with high-quality services and a license. To do that, you can inspect the desired gambling platform using our method or choose a casino website you can find at the beginning of the article.

Sign Up for an Account
Sign Up for an Account

As soon as you find a good playing platform, go ahead and search for the “Sing up” button. When you click it, you will need to fill in a few blanks with your personal information like email, phone number, full name, address, postal code, etc. Make sure to use the correct info, as it will be needed in the future.

Make a Deposit
Make a Deposit

To start playing poker, you need to get real money in your casino wallet. To get it there, we need to go to the cashier page and find a deposit option. After it, choose a payment tool that suits you and define the amount of money you want to deposit. Finish the payment, and wait for the money to arrive.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions
Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

To make your poker playthrough longer and more enjoyable, you will need to take advantage of bonuses and promos. If you’re registering in a poker room, select one with a fixed Rakeback of around 35%. Generally, a first good bonus to take advantage of is a welcome offer.

Importance of Table Position For Kiwis

The position you take around the poker table plays significant role during the game. Depending on what position you play, you might be getting interesting possibilities, which can help you to turn the games around in your favor. The most important gaming positions include:

Late Position

Late position is when your chair is closer to the left corner of the table. This means that your turn comes at the end of the hand. This allows you to make some interesting decisions. If someone passes all round and doesn't want to raise, you may be able to do so. In late positions, it is better to play with a stronger hand (Queens, Jacks, Kings, Aces).

Early Position

Conversely to the late position, in the early one, your chair will be in the right corner of the table. It means that you will be the one who opens the turn and sets the game’s tempo, and this position is more disposed to the early bluff. But even if you decide to raise the bet at the beginning, you should be ready to call it later this turn after late position plays.

Bankroll Management

There is no poker game where the player doesn't lose at all. Thus, your bankroll should be ready to take hits and move forward. Later in the game, you will probably recover and return your money once you get a good hand. That is why you should always start your poker match with a solid amount of money, which is essential to a good game.

How to Win at Poker Games

Even though poker is complex game with tens of elements you should master, there are three main things you should always be thinking of:

  • Card combinations and probabilities of getting them
  • Understanding table position functions and taking advantage of them
  • Managing your bankroll

Tips And Tricks for New Zealand Players

If you want to take few pieces of pro poker advice, then these profound tips will do the job:

  • Know what poker type you play and get familiar with its rules
  • Always take advantage of bonuses and promos as they help you to achieve a stronger bankroll
  • Don’t fold cards unless you have to make a significant call
  • Stick to the most consistent strategy of playing around high pairs, and the results will impress you
  • Try to understand the action pattern of your opponents, which will help you to bluff and read their bluff
  • Avoid playing around the high cards

Real Money Poker & Free Online Poker

Depending on the online poker casino website you choose, you might be offered to play a free version of the game. It might seem like an interesting proposal, but it has its pros and cons, the same as the real money version:

Free poker

  • Beneficial for new players who want to learn the game
  • Making mistakes is forgiving
  • Allows players to train new strategies
  • As there is no cash put in the bet, the player's behavior might be strange, making it harder to read them
  • You can’t win cash
  • As there is no money on the line, the game loses its excitement

Real money poker

  • You can win significant prizes
  • You can take advantage of bonuses
  • Bluff is more exciting and impactful
  • Has more tournaments going
  • You have to play very carefully, as any mistake can delete your bankroll

Mobile Online Poker in NZ

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of software providers who specify their casino poker games online on mobile compatibility. It is because of the rapid growth of mobile casino gambling.

Every casino poker game should be optimized to run smoothly on the widest possible mobile device range. Additionally, players should have an option, whether they want to download a separate casino app for iOS and Android to play poker or use a browser version for that.

Online Poker Payment Methods

To bring the most convenience to the players, online poker developers should introduce as many payment methods as possible. Ones that you can often find on poker websites are:


If you are into cryptocurrency technologies and have some tokens on your balance that are supported by the poker website, it might be beneficial to use them for payments.


Skrill is one of the best e-wallets you can use for managing your funds online. It has a functional and transparent application and loyalty program, allowing you to earn bonuses.


It is one of the most simplistic ways to mange your online cash without worrying much about processing time and fees.


With Neosurf, you can get a voucher allowing you to pay without disclosing your personal info and exposing your credit card’s data.

Prezzy Card

If you happen to have a Prezzy Card, you can use it to get money on your casino’s balance.


Instant, fee-free, and safe transactions are a guarantee that is given by Neteller e-wallet to its customers.


Ecopayz allows you to transfer your money worldwide with just one account, including depositing funds in casinos.


It is a revolutionary e-wallet with numerous rewards allowing you to transfer and store money without security worries.

Pay by Phone

If you want to use your phone for depositing funds, you can use one of the known apps to do it. They will depend on your mobile OS.

Google Pay

If you are an Android owner, you can connect your credit card to the Google Pay app and make safe payments online.

Apple Pay

If your phone runs on iOS, you can use Apple Pay to conduct quick and safe internet transactions.

Online Poker Software Providers

Of course, poker games are not developed by website owners. Particular companies specify in developing poker software and selling it to websites. While there may be some overlap between software providers for online casino games and online poker, these are generally considered to be two distinct industries with different providers.

Online casino games typically include slot machines, table games like blackjack and roulette, and other games of chance. Some well-known software providers in this space include Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Playtech .

Online poker, on the other hand, is a game of skill where players compete against each other rather than against the house. Some of the most popular online poker rooms include PokerStars, 888poker, and PartyPoker.

While some software providers may offer both casino and poker games, these are usually considered separate products with different development teams and marketing strategies. Additionally, many online casinos and poker rooms will use software from multiple providers to offer a wider variety of games and features to their customers.


As a result of putting this product into practice, I would like to point out that online video poker is a convenient and valuable option for players looking for fun in the card game. Despite its relative rarity, it offers a variety of game options to suit different preferences and skill levels. From fast-paced Texas Hold'em to beginner-friendly three-card poker to classic five-card draw, there's something for everyone. Bluffing adds excitement and strategic elements to the game. Whether you prefer simplicity, difficulty or challenge, online video poker offers a varied and engaging experience.


Playing mobile poker is safe as long as you do it on a secure and licensed website.
It is a poker tournament that requires no entry fee.
It is a poker-playing method when you participate in multiple games simultaneously.