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Online keno offers instant results and access to rare variants with the possibility of progressive jackpots. Catch the 20th ball to quadruple your winnings. Top software providers include Playtech, Pragmatic Play and others, each offering their own popular keno games.

- Different selection of game types
- Low odds of winning
- There is an option of a live dealer
- Average complexity of the rules

The Best Casinos


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  • Impressive library of over 8,000 games from 80+ providers
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  • Exclusive VIP perks like faster withdrawals, dedicated account managers, and customized promotions

What is Online Keno?

This is lottery-type game where you predict and bet on a certain set of numbers like you do when you play in a land-based casino. Different casinos allow betting on different number ranges within 1 – 80. When bets are placed, the system launches the RNG that determines the outcome.

Below, you can check the list of the top NZ casinos that offer reliable and fair play on keno games. All gambling platforms are licensed, come with secured payment gateways, and provide high-quality customer support service.


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Rolling Slots

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How We Rate Keno Sites in New Zealand

While creating this keno online review, we use information from independent review sites as well as data we collect on our own online resource. Also, our team experts visit each casino and use the following criteria to give a verdict.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

First of all, we focus on casinos with advanced encryption security and SSL certificates. The reason is that they can provide reliable protection against data leakage and hacking of your financial information.


Platforms from our list have licenses issued by authoritative gambling commissions. It is a guarantee that you will have timely payments and fair play and that platforms will not scam you.

Customer Care
Customer Care

We take into account only those platforms, which allow them to reach their experts by phone, email, or live chat option 24/7. Also, to be included in our list, the platform's support should resolve issues in the shortest time possible.

Best Bonuses
Best Bonuses

Our experts gather feedback on available bonuses from newcomers and regular casino users to get the big picture. We do our best to pick casinos only with the best bonuses. While playing keno online, they activate them on their own and check if their wagering requirements, time limits, payment ranges, etc., match those mentioned in bonus description.

Deposit Options
Deposit Options

We explore supported payment methods and check how trustful they are and how quickly they process payments. Also, we pay attention to hidden fees and their ability to operate with NZD. Apart from that, we check if the banking options allow gambling-related operations.

Quick Payouts
Quick Payouts

As a rule, the withdrawal process takes more time than depositing, so we tried to focus on platforms that offer the shortest withdrawal time possible. For example, the allowable time for credit or debit cards is about 3 days, while e-wallet users can get funds within 24 hours. When it comes to a bank transfer, it may take 5-8 days. Also, it is important that casinos allow players to cash out funds in cryptocurrency as well as fiat money. Game Variety

Many games available are not always good, especially if they are similar. So, to be sure that your gambling experience can be expanded, we mentioned casinos with a great variety of games available. Together with online keno, they offer pokies and card and table games.

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

It is important that casinos allow gamblers to play using mobile versions of the site or offer downloadable apps for Android and iOS devices. All casinos from our list allow you to be a full member and play on the go.

Variations of Real Money Keno

Though this game looks pretty solid, it comes with several variations. So it is important to know the differences among them to pick the right option.

Multi-Race Keno

In this case, the casino does not allow you to change the set of numbers or claim winnings until the end of the current race set. This is the most popular type of keno as the bets are multiplied by the total number of races you enter. On the other hand, it is harder to manage the bankroll.

Single Game Keno

In this keno variation, you participate in one game and claim the winnings at the end. Otherwise, the bet may be lost. This variant is more suitable for those who do not care about dynamic and game speed.

Super & Power Ball Keno

Here, you play like regular keno online with only one difference - at the end of the game, a bonus ball can be drawn. If the number you predicted matches the number on the ball, your bet will be multiplied.

40-Ball Keno

This is the fastest keno game that is played with 40 balls instead of 80. You can select from three to ten numbers from between 1 and 40 to place a bet. Instead of 40 balls, the system draws only 20.

Klub Keno

This game is identical to the previous variant when there are fewer balls in the hopper, which means fewer possible outcomes. The difference is that you can play 2, 5, or 10 games at the same time.

Cleopatra Keno

There is one of the top keno games you can face on the casino platforms. If during the last 20 numbers, there is one that you predicted, then you get 12 additional games with an x2 multiplier.

Caveman Keno

While playing keno online, the system randomly selects three numbers out of 80 and assigns them as "dinosaur eggs". Each of the "dinosaur eggs" numbers that are drawn gives you a certain win multiplier. If all 3 eggs fall out, you can get a 10x multiplier of your bet amount.

How to Play Keno Online: Getting to Know the Online Keno Game

This game is one of the simplest you can try at the casino from our list. Here, the most important is to pick a reliable gambling platform with license that cooperates with certified casino software providers.

To get started with keno, you should take the following simple steps:

  1. Choose numbers from 1 to 80, the number of games you would like to join, and the amount of bet funds to place.
  2. After that, the RNG of the casino system selects 20 random numbers.
  3. Each correctly guessed number gives you a cash prize.

How to Understand Online Keno Payout and Odds

When choosing the type and amount of the bet, it is always necessary to remember that keno is the game with low chances of winning. The probability of correctly guessing all 20 numbers in Keno is extremely low. In fact, the odds of correctly guessing all 20 numbers in Keno are approximately 1 in 3.5 quintillions (or 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,336 to be exact).

Online Keno Disclaimer

At the same time, if you play keno online at trustworthy casino, as in our case, the outcomes are obtained based on the work of RNG. Therefore, no matter what numbers you choose, the chances are the same. Of course, some sites offer the most frequently drawn numbers, but you should not rely only on them.

Understand the game
Understand the game

Before you start playing Keno online, you need to understand the game itself. Keno is a lottery-style game that involves picking numbers and hoping they match with the numbers drawn by the computer.

Know the payout table
Know the payout table

Each online casino has its own payout table that shows the payout for each number of matches. Make sure to study the payout table before placing your bets so you know how much you could win.

Place your bet
Place your bet

Once you have a good understanding of the game and the payout table, it’s time to place your bet. Choose the numbers you want to play and decide how much you want to wager.

Check the odds
Check the odds

Keno has different odds depending on how many numbers you choose to play. The more numbers you choose, the higher the odds of winning, but also the lower the payout. Check the odds of the game before placing your bet.

Wait for the draw
Wait for the draw

After placing your bet, you need to wait for the draw to take place. This is done by the computer randomly selecting numbers. The more numbers you match, the higher your payout will be.

Check your winnings
Check your winnings

After the draw is complete, the computer will determine your winnings based on the numbers you matched and the payout table. If you win, your account will be credited with the winnings.

Understand the house edge
Understand the house edge

Like all casino games, Keno has house edge, which is the percentage of each bet that the casino expects to keep over the long run. The house edge varies depending on the online casino and the Keno game you’re playing, but it typically ranges from 4% to 30%.

Online Keno Tips For Kiwi Players

Our team created few simple tips you can use while playing keno. With them, you will stay satisfied with the game and get maximum enjoyment from the process at keno casinos.

Find Your Favorite Keno Options
Find Your Favorite Keno Options

Check the types of keno available on the platform and decide what you would like to join (for example, a 40 or 80-ball game). To make it easier, use our little guide mentioned above.

Come Up with Betting System
Come Up with Betting System

Decide what betting strategy you would like to use, if you are going to place a small amount or play as a high roller, etc. Also, find out cold and hot numbers, and try not to switch between numbers too often.

Don’t Bet Due
Don’t Bet Due

Try not to increase (double or triple) the bet amount to catch a specific number. The fact is that the game result determines only RNG, so the number you are chasing may not appear at all.

Bank Your Winnings
Bank Your Winnings

Try to play online keno responsively and do not use the whole amount of winnings to make another bet. Instead, it is better to diversify winnings and leave part of them on your balance.

Plan Your Funds Ahead
Plan Your Funds Ahead

Always know how much money you can easily spend on bets. It can help you manage your bankroll and avoid big money losses.

How To Win In Online Keno?

First of all, you should play only in trusted casinos and select games with the maximum RTP level. Try to focus on numbers below seven since they are drawn more frequently and do not change numbers too often. Also, you can try the Kriegman system that helps predict the probability of winning. For example, if you only bet on one number, then the odds are 25%. If you bet on two numbers, then the probability for the first one is 38%, and for two at once — only 6%. So, the larger number of numbers, the higher your chance to predict particular number.

Low-Limit Keno

This is a nice pick if you do not want to spend much and have fun on keno games at the same time. Some casinos from our list offer you to start from ten NZD cents and increase bets further if you want.

No-Deposit Online Keno in New Zealand

This is a nice option for those who want to try keno without taking any risk. The only drawback of demo versions is that you can't get real money wins.

Keno Glossary

To feel comfortable and confident, you should know at least some of the online keno terms we described below.

Aggregate limit It is the maximum amount casino can give you per game round
Bankroll Money you can use to place bets
Balls Virtual balls with a certain number which are drawn during the game
Bet Money sum you wagered
Field The panel with unmarked places for balls
Hit This is a winning spot on field
House edge This is a sum that casino gets as an income
Paytable Diagram that reflects the value if every win
Ticket A virtual card you use to make bets and predictions
RNG Special software that randomly determines the outcome of each game round

Online Keno Payment Methods

Check the most popular trusted payment methods you can see in casinos from our list.


With POLi Pay, online users can make secure payments directly from their bank accounts, eliminating the need for credit cards and providing a convenient and safe alternative payment method.


This payment method utilizes a 16-digit PIN code you can get after buying a special voucher.


In this case, you use a card with a fixed amount on balance that you can use to make deposits on online casinos.

Prezzy Card

This is also a prepaid card that does not differ from regular Visa cards.


It is an e-wallet that you can use on almost all online keno casinos from our list, and that operates with 40 currencies.


This is a handy and secure system to transfer various currencies that you can download on any type of mobile device.


This is also an app-powered payment solution available on all iOS and Android devices.


This is a payment system that utilizes peer-to-peer technology to securely send and receive money.

Pay by Phone

You can set up the option when online casinos can charge a fee from your mobile bill.

Apple Pay

This is an e-wallet that you can use only on devices that have iOS on board.

Google Pay

An electronic wallet that is similar to the previous option but available on Android smartphones and tablets.


In this case, you can use various financial gateways that support sending and receiving digital money without any intermediary financial institution.

Online Keno Software Providers

Below, you can check the list of popular software developers that you can face at online Keno from our list.


This industry leader has operated since 1999. It is well-known for its high-quality pokies, card, and lottery-type games.

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play

This is not a pioneer of the gambling industry but has already become popular for its instant games, including keno.


This company, with headquarters in Curacao, has become a world leader for its featured bingo, themed scratchies, and progressive jackpot pokies.


This company is approved in most jurisdictions and offers a lot of instant games as well as classic card/table games.


This provider is not as popular as previous ones but has already gained a reputation for high-tech pokies with vivid graphics and featured instant games.


Based on my practical assessment, in conclusion, online keno is a versatile and affordable option for those interested in a lottery-style game. Instant results and a variety of rare keno variants provide a fascinating experience. The appeal of progressive jackpots and the ability to quadruple your winnings adds an element of excitement. Many top-notch software providers offer many free keno games, allowing you to explore different types without risk, learn new strategies and play at maximum stakes without any consequences. Because of its convenience, variety and excitement, online keno is an attractive choice for experienced and novice players alike.


No, all casinos from our list do not come with hidden or additional taxes.
There are three providers which take leading positions in this market: NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.
Yes, the live dealer option is available on some platforms from our list. In this case, you can fully plunge into the atmosphere of the land-based casino.