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Online craps offers diverse game types, including simplified and New York craps, with unique rules such as certain winning numbers or box numbers betting. Various software providers offer these games for free, enabling risk-free exploration, rule-learning through practice, and potential for maximum bets.

- Different types of play
- The game is available on many platforms
- Relatively complex rules
- Demos for practicing skills

The Best Casinos


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Rolling the Dice: Introduction to Online Craps Game

Craps is a popular game where you throw a pair of dice and bet on certain numbers. You can play against the casino itself or other gamblers. Like in the case of pokies, this game does not require special skills; your winnings depend more on your luck than particular strategy.

Craps is one of the most exciting and dynamic casino games around. With its fast-paced action and potential for big payouts, it's no wonder that craps is the popular choice among both novice and experienced players.

But if you're new to the game, you might be wondering: what is craps game, exactly? And how does it work? In this article, we'll give you comprehensive introduction to online craps game, covering everything from the basic rules to some essential strategies for maximizing your chances of winning big.

First things first: at its core, craps is the game of chance that revolves around the roll of two dice. Players place bets on the outcome of each roll, with different bets offering different odds and payouts. While craps can seem intimidating at first, especially to those unfamiliar with the terminology and lingo, it's actually relatively straightforward game to learn — and once you get the hang of it, it can be incredibly exciting to play. So let's dive in and take closer look at how online craps game works.

Top Casinos with Craps

To get to our list, casinos should have not only a lot of craps game offers. Also, they should have trusted payment methods and relevant license, accept NZD$, provide advanced encryption security to protect private data from leakage, and offer customer support service available 24/7.


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Slots Hammer

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This review results from profound analysis of most casinos available in the NZ gambling market. During our research, we used the key aspects described below.

Security and Licenses
Security and Licenses

We pick only licensed craps online titles with permission to operate in the NZ region. It is proof that you get the same service level as stated in the rules of a gambling authority that issued that license. Also, we pick platforms that provide advanced encryption security and SSL certificates, guaranteeing personal data protection against fraud, hacking, and leakage.

Customer Service
Customer Service

We paid attention to platforms that offer 24/7 customer support service. Also, we check what type of communication channels the platform comes with and give preferences to casinos you can reach by phone, email, and live chat.

Customer Care
Customer Care

Along with the available communication channels, we evaluated how fully and intelligibly they described the ways of solving the problem. Also, we consider the time we were waiting from when we called (or sent a message) to when we got a reply.

Real Money Gambling Options
Real Money Gambling Options

In our casino list, you can find platforms that offer various games:
✅ Free craps, for example, for those who want to try new software;
✅ Real money online craps, where you can place your personal funds and count on the same real money winnings.
Both options are important to cover the interests of the wide casino audience.

Craps Bonuses and Promos
Craps Bonuses and Promos

In our list, you can find casinos that come with various promotions related to craps games (sign-up, reload, cashback houses, etc.). We selected only trusted rewards, which are popular among real regular users and have high rates on independent casino review sites.

Game Selection and Quality
Game Selection and Quality

We focused not only on craps but also on the ability to play other casino/table games, pokies, etc. All casinos from our list cooperate with certified top industry leaders like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, etc. As a result, you can count on high-quality graphics, audio effects, and a well-thought-out plot.

Best Online Craps Games for Kiwi Player

Casinos from our review allow you to play various craps games, so it may be confusing for the newbie to understand what to pick. Below, you can see description of the main craps types.

Bank Craps

In this case, gamblers do not play craps online with other players but place bets against the gambling portal. They are also known as “casino craps”.

Simplified Craps

There are several types of craps games with difficult levels. As the title suggests, this game is the most straightforward and allows you to bet on natural numbers or pass lines.

Die Rich Craps

Here, players use only one die. Keep in mind that all pass bets win if they start with 6 and lose if they start with a bet with 1.

New York Craps

This game was invented in US gambling houses and removes “place bets”, “remove pass”, and “do not pass” options. Plus, you can get 5% on box numbers.

High Point Craps

In this craps type, you automatically win if you get 11 or 12. In turn, if dice show 2 pr 3, then these bets are ignored.

How to Choose The Best Craps Games

During our research and adding online craps casinos to our list, we followed the following rules described below. You can use them further if you decide to choose gambling platform on your own.

Highest Payout Percentage
Highest Payout Percentage

This parameter shows the percentages you get as winning. For example, if you play the game with a payout percentage of 97% and place 100 NZD, then you receive 97 NZD (but in the long term), and the rest will be casino income. Always select games with the highest payout percentages.

Clearly Defined Betting Information
Clearly Defined Betting Information

As a rule, this game consists of two stages. Some craps types do not allow you to bet on one stage. So, you should always learn betting conditions in the game description or contact customer support service for this purpose.

Verifiable Licensing and Regulation Information
Verifiable Licensing and Regulation Information

If you decide to play craps game, you should check the legality of the casino site, particular game, and the software developer. The game's “Terms of Use” can be found. As for data about developers that power craps online, you can check it on sites that issued certificates (for example, eCOGRA). While using legal software can count on fair play, adequate bonus conditions, no malicious elements, etc.

Speedy, Friendly Customer Support
Speedy, Friendly Customer Support

During the gameplay, you may face issues connected with using the game, bonus conditions, withdrawing requirements, etc. So, it is important you can get highly-qualitative response in the shortest time possible via phone call, email, or live chat.

SSL Certification
SSL Certification

This technology provides secure interaction between you and the platform. For example, it protects you during authentication on the site, so no one can hack you or intercept your private info.

How to Start Play Online Craps in NZ

You can find various craps types on our list to choose from. Though if you decide to enjoy them, there is a short list of rules you should stick to in order to get the best game experience.

Sign up
Sign up

Take a look at our list and pick the casino you want to join. Visit its official craps online gambling website, create an account, and verify your personal data to become a full member.

Make Your First Real Money Deposit
Make Your First Real Money Deposit

Go to the “Deposit” page and pick one of the available payment gateways which operate with fiat or cryptocurrency to place the minimum required deposit. This amount, you can find in the casino’s “Terms of Use”.

Understand the Rules
Understand the Rules

Always read the bonus description or contact their customer support service so they can clear the rules and requirements for you. Some casinos have tutorials for a better understanding of the process.

Get a Group of Friends Together or Go in Solo
Get a Group of Friends Together or Go in Solo

Even during online playing, you can feel at least a part of the atmosphere of a land-based casino. To do it, you can gather a company of friends to enjoy craps together. Also, you feel free to enter the game solo.

How to Bet Craps Online

Betting is the key part of the game you can impact directly. So it is important to take it seriously and understand the following aspects.

Min & Max Bet Limits
Min & Max Bet Limits

Setting limits for bets is a powerful tool craps online sites use to control cash flows. Always check available limits to avoid overbetting and the risk of losing too much money. It is especially relevant for newbies.

Repeat / Auto Bets
Repeat / Auto Bets

If you activate the Repeat option, you can place one more bet during the game. If you turn on Auto Bets, you can set up multiple betting with affixed amounts. It is a nice option for experienced gamblers to monitor the gameplay and learn statistics.

Session Timers
Session Timers

This option can help you control your bankroll by checking the time you are playing. As a rule, you can find this option in the lower part of the game window.

What You Should Know About Online Craps Rules

Though craps is fairly simple game that does not require a lot of skills, you should know the basic terminology and principles you will face while playing. Our team prepared a short list that can help you master any type of craps much faster and brings you closer to first winnings.

Pass line Here, you predict that the dice win: it may be 7 or 11 in the Come out stage of the game or 11 during the Point phase.
Come In this case, gamblers can bet after the Come out stage. From the beginning, you predict that the dice will pass.
Do not come Similar to the previous one, but you bet that dice will not pass.
Do not pass line Here, the situation is the opposite: you launch online craps and bet on the outcome that 7 will be rolled before the point.
Field Here, you bet on a particular number that will be rolled.
Place bets Check out 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 numbers: you win if the dice are rolled before seven.
Hardways The shooter bet that 4, 6, 8, or 10 will be rolled as a pair.
6:8 Everything is simple: you can bet on 6 or 8. The only exception is giants 6 and 8.
Any seven Here, you bet the seven will be the next outcome.
Any craps To win, you should bet and wait till dice toss 2, 3, or 12.

Pros and Cons of Online Craps

Like any casino game, craps has its own pros and cons. Let's start from the advantages you can get while playing craps. And along with advantages, this game has its drawbacks too.

  • Reward. Online craps bonuses allow you to boost your game experience and win real money prizes;
  • Simplicity. This game does not require much time to master it.
  • Variety of games. Craps, as a rule, offer a wide range of games on real money so that you can diversify your gambling experience.
  • Ability to play from home. While playing on an online craps, you do not need to leave your home.
  • Lack of socializing. While for someone, it is a plus, many prefer to plunge into the land-based casino atmosphere.
  • Internet connection. The whole gameplay directly depends on the stable and high-speed Internet connection.

How to Win at Online Craps Game

Craps is the game where you can rely mostly on your luck. At the same time, some tips can help you increase your chances of winning (double or even triple).

Lay the Odds
Lay the Odds

Try to place the minimum amount in your pass bet. This is a general rule for all who do not have enough experience playing craps. After that, you can increase your odds wagers to limit the possible casino income.

Bet Pass & Come
Bet Pass & Come

This method may be interesting for newbies who prefer to bet with small edges. The fact is that “pass” and “come” bets have the house edge of 1.41%. This is the lowest percentage you can experience in craps game.

Bet on 6 & 8
Bet on 6 & 8

Bet on 6:8. In this case, the house edge is about 1.51% which is fairly low as well as the previous option. Moreover, 6 and 8 are the most frequent numbers you can get after throwing dice.

Online Craps Payment Methods

Below, you can check the most popular and safe methods you can try to place deposits and withdraw funds while playing on craps online sites.


This is the method of depositing and withdrawing funds without creating a bank account or credit card.


Using a special voucher, you can pay by cash on almost any gambling site.

Prezzy Card

To get started, you should buy a special pre-paid card from any Post Shop available in NZ.


This popular electronic wallet allows you to proceed with transactions only by having an email and a password you created.


Here, you must create a virtual card that can process operations in all casinos where MasterCard is available.


In this case, you can use the contactless, prepaid card to deposit and cash out funds from any casino on our list.


This e-wallet has dynamic security codes, touch ID, and other advanced protection features.

Pay by Phone

This is the simplest method when the casino requests the amount from your mobile account.

Online Craps Software Providers

Below, you can check the top-notch software providers you may face while playing in online craps gambling sites from our list.


This provider is mostly oriented at regular and jackpot pokies. At the same time, it offers well-optimized samples of craps games available on any device.

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play

This is Malta company oriented at hi-tech casino games that support HTML5 and have vivid graphics and impressive sound effects.


This has been successfully operated since 1998 and focused on pokies and casino games with high RTP levels.


This licensed company has certificate from UK Gambling Committee and offers over 47 high-quality table games, including with a live dealer.


This company was created in Malta and has already powered a lot of pokies and casino games available in most jurisdictions.


Online craps platforms allow you to win real money in a relatively simple but very exciting and addictive game. All types of craps do not require you to be a skilled gambler who knows different strategies. Instead, you should have a clear understanding of how to choose the right place to play and what kind of entertainment to choose. I'm sure this guide will make it much easier for you, I've tried to explain all the tricks and peculiarities of the game as much as possible.


Yes, it is possible. Using our review, you can pick trusted and reliable casinos you can play online craps by placing a real money deposit and win cash prizes.
You need to predict the outcome and place a bet on a certain combination. After that, you throw dice and check the result. In this case, the RNG is responsible for creating the outcome.
This game does not require difficult strategies. At the same time, it is recommended to start each other roll with pass or don't pass bet, using the minimum amounts.