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Online Bingo offers various game types: 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, and fast-paced 30-ball. Key providers include Blueprint, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Dragonfish. Playing free online bingo allows practice, exploration, and multi-card play at no cost.

- Different types of games
- Easy to play from anywhere
- Internet problems can disrupt the game
- Requires quick reaction time for dynamic play

The Best Casinos

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What are Online Bingo Games?

You have probably heard or even tried to play the lottery at least once in your life. There is a card or cards with numbers you buy and hope that they match the winning combination. The same goes for bingo, with the only difference being that to get payout, you need to cross out numbers in a certain pattern in your ticket. In real-life bingo, these numbers are announced by a presenter who draws them from a rotating pool with numbered balls. The online version works on a random number generator.

Best Casinos with Bingo

Finding and choosing online bingo is quite a challenge, especially if you are not too familiar with the online gambling industry as a whole. But hey, you do not have to do everything on your own. Instead, you can go for any of the casinos presented in our recommendation list.


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Different Variations of Online Bingo in NZ

The game is really easy and fun to play, but there are a handful of variations to choose from. Below you can find the most common ones.

30-Ball Bingo

The round features only 30 balls and only 9 numbers on the card, allowing for the game round’s pace to be very fast.

75-Ball Bingo

This is a traditional bingo with 25 numbers on 5x5 cards, with one of them being empty and filling in automatically. Each letter here has a certain number assigned to it. B is 1 through 15, I is 16 through 30, N is 31 through 45, G is 46 through 60, and O is 61 through 75.

80-Ball Bingo

As the name suggests, this bingo type has 80 balls and a card consisting of 16 fields with 4 rows and 4 columns.

90-Ball Bingo

This variation is played with a 3x9 card with a total of 15 numbers printed on it. 90-ball bingo is mostly widespread in Europe.

Single Player Bingo

When playing bingo alone, you are not tied to other participants, and therefore the gameplay will be much faster. The outcomes here are generated by the RNG.

Community Bingo

Community bingo is played in a live format featuring a host who is responsible for calling the numbers of the balls previously mixed in a blower machine. Unlike a single-player version, the rounds here take a longer time to play out.

Gambling sites tend to reward their customers by giving them various bonuses. Playing at the bingo casino, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of the bonus offers listed below.

Welcome Bonus
Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is a way for online bingo to reward people for signing up. Before you can claim it, you will have to make a deposit. Welcome promo usually comes as extra money and free spins and looks like this — a 100% match bonus and 20 Free Spins.

No Deposit Bonus
No Deposit Bonus

no deposit offer implies that to receive it, you do not have to deposit any amount. However, a big drawback of this bonus is that often such generosity is compensated by big wager attached to it.

Crypto Bonus
Crypto Bonus

More and more online casinos offer cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods. Some of them even give bonuses for using them. Among the perks you can get for using crypto are additional funds. In other words, you may get 100% match bonus, though not in NZ$ but in crypto.

Free Spins Bonus
Free Spins Bonus

This bonus works for any "spin" game, such as pokies or video poker. It gives players a certain number of free rounds to play, allowing them to win real money.

Cashback Bonus
Cashback Bonus

Cashback is a way to compensate, at least partially, for your inevitable losses. Usually, cashback is credited every week and can be found as part of a promotion or a loyalty program. The average cashback amount is 5% – 10%.

No Wagering Bonus
No Wagering Bonus

The only type of bonus that does not have to be wagered is no wagering bonus. Typically, you need to bet 20, 30, or 50 times the amount of bonus funds you get to cash them out. With no wagering rewards, you won't have to meet those requirements before being able to withdraw your winnings.

Online Bingo Rules for Kiwi Players

New Zealanders can get straight into the action and play at the bingo casino online, knowing how the game works:

  • Players get a card (cards) with random numbers.
  • A host activates a ball blower and calls the numbers from the balls dropped (in community bingo). A player presses the "Draw" button and waits for the computer to pick the balls that will be displayed on the screen (in single-player bingo).
  • Once all the numbers have been called, you will receive a payout according to whether your card(s) has a winning pattern(s).

In a live version, the dealer will keep calling the numbers until a participant wins.

How to Choose Bingo Game in NZ

When choosing the game at the bingo casino, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Threshold. Different bingo sessions have different costs for a card.
  • Variation. Choose the game type you want.
  • Game duration. Depending on the number of players and the game type, the length of the game will differ.
  • Gameplay. Join only those bingo games that offer gameplay without lags and freezes. And make sure to learn the rules.
  • Payouts. Pay attention to the payout amount for various winning patterns. For instance, one row of numbers crossed out in the ticket will bring you NZ$20, and two rows will triple the winnings.

How to Start Playing Online Bingo

If you are ready to play online bingo but do not know just where to start, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select an online bingo casino and sign up. Choose the site you want (preferably the one with a license) and complete a registration procedure.
  2. Replenish your account. Make a deposit using a payment option offered by a casino.
  3. Join the game. Once you are all set to go, just decide which bingo you want to play and get right into it.

Online Bingo Strategies

We all know that bingo is the game of complete luck, but is there something to be done to increase your chances of winning? Well, there are some strategies we would like to share with you.

Basic Bingo Strategies

The first piece of advice is to opt for the sessions with as few people as possible since it will increase your chances of being the first one with winning card. The second one is that you should buy multiple cards. The more cards you have, the higher the chances are for at least one of them to be fortunate. Still, do not get carried away, as you may be unable to keep track of too many cards.

Advanced Bingo Strategies

Those are the strategies that keen enthusiasts of the game use. Please take a look at two of them.

The Granville Bingo Strategy

Based on Granville's theory, the most important part of an effective bingo strategy is the choice of cards to play. According to the theory of probability, there are three main laws in bingo:

  • There is an approximately equal number of balls with numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, and other numbers up to 9 in a game.
  • High and low numbers have an equal probability of dropping.
  • There is an approximate balance between even and odd numbers.
The Tippett Bingo Strategy

According to Tippett's theory, the longer the game goes on, the higher the chances of getting one of the numbers close to 38 (as the middle number in the series from 1 to 75).

Thus, the basis of this strategy is to go for bingo cards that contain as many numbers close to 38 as possible (if, of course, the game lasts a long time). It should be noted that Tippett's theory only applies to traditional 75-ball bingo.

Winning Bingo Patterns for Kiwi Player

The payout amount in bingo depends on the winning patterns of your card. The most common of them are:

  • Line
  • Two lines
  • Four corners
  • Cross
  • X and O-patterns
  • Full house (the whole card)

Bingo Tips for Beginners Kiwis

When you are new to bingo and online gambling in general, you should use the following tips to make your introduction experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Choose a Legit Casino
Choose a Legit Casino

Pay attention to whether the casino you want to play at has a license from MGA, UKGC, or CGCB. If it does not, the chances are, it is a scam website and therefore is not to be trusted.

Do not Get Carried Away
Do not Get Carried Away

When playing for real money, some players tend to forget about how much they spend and often catch losses. Manage your funds wisely and never deposit more than you can afford to lose.

Stick to One Casino
Stick to One Casino

Sticking to one online bingo is always a plus since you will always know the peculiarities and features of the site you play at. Besides, most casinos reward loyal customers, which is also something to benefit from.

Take Advantage of Bonus Offers
Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

If there are bonuses you can use, do it. Even if the wagering requirements are not too easy to meet, you still have nothing extra to lose. Among the useful promos for bingo players are deposit bonuses, cashback, and other promotions.

Learn the Terminology
Learn the Terminology

You need to know the jargon of the game you play to blend in. So get acquainted with the relevant bingo terminology if you want to feel comfortable from the get-go.

Look for Bonus Round Games
Look for Bonus Round Games

When playing certain bingo types, you may come across those that feature bonus rounds for crossing out numbers in certain patterns. Never miss out on that opportunity, as it gives you a good chance of getting a payout multiplier.

Avoid Distractions
Avoid Distractions

Bingo is not a game requiring your full concentration, but you still may miss the moment for joining the game or calls. In this regard, try to avoid everything that could distract you.

Online Bingo Payment Methods

Kiwi bingo lovers have bunch of payment options to choose from. Some are faster than others, while some are only available for deposits. Take a look at the most popular methods among New Zealanders:


This is the leading prepaid method that can be found at almost any online casino.


Another prepaid option working on a voucher basis. The deposits are made by entering a 10-digit code that can be bought online.

Prezzy Card

Those are prepaid gift cards that can be used at online casinos that accept Visas.


Skrill is an electronic wallet, the best advantages of which are fast and secure payments with only an email address.


Merged with Skrill in 2015, Neteller still stands out with its VIP system that implies increased payment limits and other perks.


One of the biggest advantages of ecoPayz is that it has no exchange fees, which is especially important for those playing for NZD.


This e-wallet was designed specifically for online gambling purposes, which is why casinos often offer rewards for using it. Besides, it has favorable transaction fees and cashback.

Pay by Phone

Thanks to this method, you can make real money deposits with your mobile phone and pay for them later as for a regular bill.

Apple Pay

This is a fast and easy way of making online payments for iOS device users. Thanks to Apple Pay, people can deposit money via their bank cards or other payment systems in a few clicks.

Google Pay

Google Pay casinos works just like Apple Pay but is available only for those with Android gadgets.


Cryptocurrencies have made their way to almost everywhere, and online casinos are no exception. People love cryptos for their swiftness, full anonymity, and low fees.

Online Bingo Software Providers

When playing all these high-quality games at online bingo, most people do not realize the amount of work behind them. Software providers often remain in the shadows, but we want to give you a brief description of some of the industry’s most eminent ones:


This is one of the most reputable software developing companies on the market, whose game portfolio features hundreds of top-notch gaming products, including dozens of bingo games.

Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic Play

Being another giant in the online gambling industry, Pragmatic Play is known for memorable and thrilling titles. Under the developer’s belt are also innovative bingo solutions, such as Bingo Blast and customizable user interface feature.


Real Time Gaming has more than 20 years of experience in online gambling software development. Throughout this time, it has established itself as one of the leading studios in the industry.


This company is truly one of the pioneers in creating unique gambling content. Just like any game released by the company, its bingo titles are of the highest quality and boast the biggest jackpots.


This brand has been around for only 7 years but has quickly become an internationally-recognized developer thanks to its innovative gambling technologies, such as iSense, iQA, and Redux.


In spite of the fascinating gameplay, which involves quick reactions, Bingo is overshadowed by other gambling games. I hope that this review in which I have compiled my experience, will fuel your interest in this truly amazing game, answer any questions you may have and dispel any doubts you may have. Choose an online casino to play, claim your bonus and dive into the world of balls and numbers. Good Luck!


You get a payout if the numbers you cross out on the card(s) form a winning pattern. Among the most common patterns are a line, two lines, four corners, cross, and a full house.
Both of these strategies rely on mathematics and probability and, in theory, will increase your chances of success given a long gaming session.
To play the game for real money, you must choose an online bingo, create an account, deposit, and join the game. It is as easy as that.