Prezzy Card Vs. Paysafe Card: What is Better for Gambling?

Prezzy Card Vs. Paysafe Card: What is Better for Gambling?

New Zealand players may come to a point where they are torn between using a Prezzy Card or a Paysafe Card. In this article, we will overview and point out the differences between the two regarding their fees, limits, withdrawal, transaction security, features, and pitfalls.

All About Prezzy Card

In 2006, ePay NZ introduced the Prezzy Card, which it currently owns and operates. A Prezzy Card functions as a prepayment card that you can spend on any New Zealand-based online store or online casino. This card has money on it that can be spent in New Zealand dollars until it runs out or expires. You can buy this type of card by visiting their official website, but keep in mind that it is only available to residents of New Zealand.

All About Paysafe Card

Paysafe Card was established in 2000 and has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. This preloaded payment option has been recognized among online retailers and sportsbooks since its inception. It was initially exclusively accessible to customers in Austria, but upon gaining EU financing in 2005, it was later made accessible to customers in New Zealand and eventually all over the world.

In essence, PaySafeCard is a prepaid card payment solution that offers enhanced functionality and protection for transactions over the Internet.

Fees and Limits

Prezzy Card
Prezzy Card

2.60% more of the amount loaded onto the Prezzy card must be paid when buying one with a credit card. The acquisition price, delivery, and processing charges are also included in this. When utilizing a foreign website, gamblers from New Zealand are required to pay an international transaction cost equal to 3.5% of the amount paid. There will be an extra fee of NZ$15 for disputes. The card can be loaded between NZ$25 to NZ$1,000.

Paysafe Card
Paysafe Card

Typically, there are no extra costs for any transactions you attempt to make when playing at a gambling site online. When an individual hadn't utilized the card over a prolonged period, Paysafe would request a further fee from them. As an example, a year of untouched prepaid cards can result in a NZ$2 deduction. For the limit, Paysafe cards can hold up to NZ$100.

Withdrawal Speed

Because the Prezzy card is a prepaid option, withdrawing your winnings is not possible. However, in the case of a Paysafe card, withdrawal will only be attainable if you will have to register an account on their website. On the other hand, the deposit speed of both payment methods is instantaneous.

Transaction Security

Prezzy card transaction security is enhanced because of its prepaid card-like feature. Because of this, New Zealanders are not required to support every transaction with their personal details and financial data, which prevents cyber theft.

You will receive a distinct 16-digit PIN for every Paysafe card you use, which you will simply input in the purchasing portion of the web-based shop of your choice. Once you sign up for a Paysafe account, you can keep a record of all your purchases using a custom app or their official platform.


Both Prezzy and Paysafe card transactions can be anonymously done. The providers do not require account details and bank details to make deposits. 

Features and Pitfalls of Prezzy Card and Paysafe Card

Prezzy Card Features

  • It can be utilized anywhere as long as it accepts Visa electronically
  • It can be charged up to NZ$1,000
  • It allows players to establish restrictions on the amount of money that can be used at a gambling site
  • Anonymous transactions

Prezzy Card Pitfalls

  • It has higher purchasing fees compared to other prepaid cards
  • The remaining funds will be forfeited once the card expires

Paysafe Card Features

  • Paysafe card allows for a $100 maximum deposit
  • Fees are only applied if your card has funds remaining after the initial 12-month period after the date of activation
  • Users who pay using a Paysafe card can stay anonymous to both the seller and the payment processor.
  • The amount of any accidental or fraudulent financial losses is strictly restricted to the voucher that was obtained

Paysafe Card Pitfalls

  • It cannot be reloaded once a New Zealander uses up its balance
  • Even if it can process withdrawals, it is not always available to all online casinos
  • Users are required to visit local selling spots to purchase the card

After laying out the features of each payment method, we've figured out that Prezzy and Paysafe cards can be used anonymously. However, the main difference boils down to the fees in which Prezzy card charges more fees (acquisition and international transaction fees) than Paysafe, which only charges for stagnant funds. For their limits, the Prezzy card has a higher amount of capacity compared to Paysafe. Both of them have their drawbacks, and it is now up to your discretion after considering all these.

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