Prezzy Card Voucher: What You Need to Know

Prezzy Card Voucher: What You Need to Know

A Prezzy Card Voucher is a prepaid gift card functioning similarly to a credit card. Its distinguishing feature lies in its ability to be pre-loaded with a specific value. The Prezzy Card, linked to Visa and MasterCard, has launched in 2006. Let’s explore using Prezzy Card Vouchers for online casino payments, discussing the purchasing and activation process, associated fees, security features, and potential drawbacks.

The Functionality of Prezzy Card in Online Casinos

The Prezzy Card Voucher is intended for users to make payments online, including online casinos, but cannot be used to withdraw funds.

Acquiring and using a Prezzy Card Voucher in online casinos:

  1. Order the card from the Prezzy site
  2. Pre-load it with your preferred amount, ranging from NZ$25 to NZ$1,000
  3. The card arrives by mail, sealed in a cardboard carrier for security reasons
  4. After carefully unsealing the carrier, you need to activate the card using the unique card number and a 4-digit number code provided via email at the time of purchase
  5. When using the card in an online casino, locate either the MasterCard or Visa logo (depending on the type of Prezzy Card) on the casino's payment page
  6. After inputting the card details and the desired deposit amount, the transfer is immediate

You can't withdraw your winnings into the Prezzy card as it operates like a voucher.

Understanding the Fees

Prezzy Cards offer convenience, but they come with several fees you should be aware of:

  1. Card Purchase Fee: A NZ$5.95 fee is charged per card purchased online at, regardless of the card's value.
  2. Postage and Handling Fee: Online purchases attract a NZ$7.50 delivery fee. Buying from a participating store or PostShop (a network of retail stores in NZ operated by New Zealand Post, providing postal services, banking, bill payments, and other related services) avoids this fee, but the card purchase fee increases from NZ$5.35 to NZ$5.95.
  3. Credit Card Convenience Fee: When purchasing your Prezzy Card with a credit card, an additional 2.60% of the value added and all fees apply.
  4. Customer Service Fee: A NZ$0.50 charge applies for each call to the automated phone service. Speaking directly with a customer service representative incurs a NZ$1.50 fee per call.
  5. Card Replacement Fee: If you lose your registered Prezzy Card, replacement costs NZ$10 for a New Zealand address and NZ$50 for an overseas address. Unregistered lost cards cannot be replaced, and the value is lost.
  6. International Transaction Fee: Are charged a 3.5% international transaction fee when using the card on an international site. This fee also applies to currency conversion into NZD.

Security Features

As Prezzy Cards are powered by Visa and MasterCard, users can have peace of mind knowing their funds are safe. Unlike traditional payment methods that often require personal information and card details, voucher cards allow you to make payments without disclosing any personal or sensitive information. 

For an added layer of security, register your Prezzy Card Voucher online immediately upon receipt. This crucial step aids in managing potential losses, theft, or transaction disputes. Registration ties the voucher to you, enabling quick assistance in case of problems, thereby contributing to safer online gambling.

Potential Pitfalls

While Prezzy Cards offer convenience and security, there are key drawbacks to consider:

No Withdrawal Option
No Withdrawal Option

Prezzy Cards are designed solely for deposits in online casinos. This means you cannot withdraw your winnings into the card and must arrange an alternate withdrawal method.

Expiry Dates
Expiry Dates

Prezzy Cards come with a 24-month lifespan. This expiry date is displayed on the card front. It is crucial to exhaust all funds on your card before this expiry date, as any remaining balance will be lost. Remember, once expired, a Prezzy Card cannot be renewed, and a new one must be purchased.

Unforeseen Fees
Unforeseen Fees

Regular users of Prezzy Cards should be mindful of the multiple associated fees, which can add up significantly over time. One such charge is the "Disputed Transaction Fee" of NZ$15 per transaction. This fee applies if you dispute a transaction made on your Prezzy Card but cannot prove non-usage. This emphasises the importance of closely monitoring card usage to avoid unnecessary charges.


In сonclusion, the Prezzy Card Voucher is a versatile payment method, ideal for gamblers who prioritize safety, anonymity, and immediate transfers. It's critical to remember, however, that while the card offers a host of benefits, it also comes with potential pitfalls and fees. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons before deciding if this payment option suits your online gambling needs.

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