Instant Banking Casinos: Time, Fees, Limits

Instant Banking Casinos: Time, Fees, Limits

To move money from your banking account into the casino's financial institution, you must exchange your account information, known as a bank transfer or wire transfer. Banks rigorously safeguard these activities to safeguard your information and financial assets.

In this article, you'll gain comprehensive knowledge regarding deposit and withdrawal times, fees and limits, how to use wire transfers in New Zealand, and how to open a bank account to start playing casino games.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

The time it takes to process a deposit or withdrawal transaction varies on the time provision of different banking institutions. Some may take 5 or more days to complete a deposit or withdrawal transaction.

However, some banks provide instant transfers, reflecting real-time transaction requests. Meanwhile, due to the speed of bank wires, it should take less than a couple of hours at most for the money to appear in the gamers' accounts.

Fees and Limits

The cost of a bank transfer varies depending on its nature. In particular, the cost of express bank transfers is higher than that of regular bank transfers. 

The fees charged vary depending on the amount being transferred or obtained, the quickness of the transaction, and the exchange of foreign currencies.

Most casinos have no fees for customers to use a bank wire to make deposits. The player incurs the payout charge via bank wire.

Using Bank Wire in New Zealand

Before sending funds via bank transfer, the NZ players should provide the SWIFT code, an internationally recognized bank code that distinguishes specific banks globally for a more secure transaction. The player should also state the receiving bank's and recipient's names, along with his account number.

Opening a Bank Account

Creating an account in a banking institution is almost identical to every bank. The following steps are the necessary everyday actions you should do:

  1. Choose your preferred bank and account type. Check their required documents before applying for a new bank account. These documents may include government-issued IDs and proof of your mailing address.

  2. You can visit the bank's brick-and-mortar branch or its website to initiate bank account creation.

  3. Then, you'll need to fill out a new bank account application form and present your documents.

  4. After they validate your information and create your account, some banks require an initial deposit for a start.

After learning the deposit and withdrawal timings, possible charges, limits, and how to use bank wires for gambling purposes, ensure you won't exceed your budget. This is to avoid hitting a toll on your financial capabilities.


Based on our practical knowledge, using instant banking casinos requires understanding the variable deposit and withdrawal times, potential fees, and specific transaction limits. Our investigation has revealed that bank wires can offer swift transactions, but charges may apply. It's essential to consider these factors and ensure you're familiar with the requirements of your specific banking institution. Lastly, maintaining a careful budget to prevent potential financial strain when engaging in casino activities.

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