Differences Between the Prezzy MasterCard and Prezzy Visa

Differences Between the Prezzy MasterCard and Prezzy Visa

Prezzy Card is a prepaid card designed for secure online and in-store payments. One of its key advantages is that it doesn't require you to disclose your personal information during transactions. Similar to a credit card, Prezzy Card can be used for shopping in physical stores, making online purchases, placing phone orders, and engaging in mail order transactions, wherever VISA acceptance is available electronically.

A Prezzy Card operates similarly to a Visa credit card and can be purchased from any local Post Shop throughout New Zealand. You can specify the amount you wish to load onto the card, from NZ$25 to NZ$1000. Prezzy Card has a maximum balance limit of NZ$5,000. Withdrawals from ATMs are not available with the Prezzy Card. You can also buy Prezzy cards online from the official website for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

What are Prezzy Visa and Prezzy MasterCard

Prezzy Visa and Prezzy Mastercard are both prepaid cards. Both offer similar built-in benefits and terms of use, making them virtually indistinguishable. They are both widely accepted payment methods that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as shopping or online payments. On this basis, they are practically no different. The main difference between Prezzy Visa and Prezzy MasterCard is that you can only use Prezzy Visa where Visa is accepted, and Prezzy Mastercard where Mastercard is accepted.

Advantages of Prezzy Visa and Prezzy Mastercard

  • Accepts New Zealand dollars and other currencies
  • Provides anonymity, as online casinos do not require personal financial details
  • It can be used both domestically in New Zealand and internationally
  • Check your card balance online for free on ePay NZ's website
  • Ideal for deposits at online casinos that accept MasterCard and Visa payments
  • Allows a minimum deposit of NZ$25 for Kiwi players
  • Prevents overspending, as it is a prepaid card
  • Provides safe and secure payments
  • Ensures instant deposits as the loaded money on your card promptly transfers to your casino account

Disadvantages of Prezzy Visa and Prezzy Mastercard

  • Prezzy cards have a minimum validity period of two years. The card becomes unusable after expiry, and any unused balance is lost.
  • There are fees when obtaining or using the cards, such as purchase fees, phone balance inquiry fees, card replacement fees, international transaction fees, and disputed transaction fees.
  • Using the Prezzy card for withdrawing winnings from online casinos is not possible. You may use alternative withdrawal methods like bank transfer or e-wallet instead.
  • There is a maximum limit of NZ$1,000 per single card.

How to Use Prezzy Visa and Prezzy Mastercard

How to Get a Prezzy Card

The initial step is to purchase through the official Prezzy website or by visiting one of their online or in-store retail partners. The card costs NZ$5.95, with an additional NZ$7.50 postage fee. If you ordered your card through a carrier, you need to open the cardboard carrier to find your credit card-sized Prezzy card inside.

How to Activate Prezzy Card

If you got your Prezzy card through the mail, you need to unlock it before you can use it. To do this, you need the four-digit number that the person who purchased it for you chose. You can unlock your card online for free or by calling 0800 110 002 for a NZ$0.50 fee. To register your Prezzy card online for added security, enter your card number, expiry date, and CVV. For a Visa Prezzy card, you can register your card online. To register a Mastercard Prezzy card, call +64 9 888 6792.

How to Shop With Prezzy Card

To shop with your Prezzy card, you input your card number, expiry date, and CVV when shopping online. You must use the credit button for in-store purchases and sign the receipt without needing a PIN.

Ho to Check Prezzy Card Balance

To check your card balances or transaction history, you have two options:

  • Online: Visit prezzycard.co.nz and click the "Balances" option in the horizontal bar menu. It redirects you to another page where you can enter your card details, including your alternate ID and CVV (card verification value).
  • Phone: You can call the following numbers: 0800 450 509 for MasterCard Prezzy, (09) 9424919 for Visa Prezzy, and (04) 803 1640 for Visa Prezzy.

Using the automated phone service incurs a charge of NZ$0.50. If you instead talk to customer service, an additional fee of NZ$1.50 will be applied.

Using Prezzy Visa and MasterCard in Online Casinos

While you can't use Prezzy Card with manual card imprinters, ATMs, taxis, automated fuel dispensers, gambling, or merchants requiring identity verification, it works for casino deposits. To make a deposit, follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Select your desired NZ Prezzy casino
  2. Sign in to your account and visit the payment page
  3. On the payment page, click on the appropriate logo, either Visa or MasterCard, depending on whether you have a Prezzy Visa card or a Prezzy MasterCard
  4. Enter the details of your Prezzy Card and the desired deposit amount, then click "OK" or "Submit"
  5. Your account balance will be updated immediately

Prezzy Cards, including their Visa and MasterCard versions, is a prepaid payment method that can be utilized for various transactions such as online purchases and casino deposits, provided that Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

These cards come with certain advantages, such as convenience, privacy, and budget control, but also present certain limitations like card expiry, associated fees, and inability to withdraw cash.
Based on our own experience, as with any financial tool, understanding the full range of its terms and conditions is crucial for optimal usage. Prezzy Cards can meet specific needs, but potential users should carefully consider their personal requirements and circumstances before choosing this method of payment.

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