Can You Use Apple Card at Casinos?

Can You Use Apple Card at Casinos?

The Apple Card's growing popularity raises questions about its usability at casinos. This article examines the potential challenges and limitations of using the Apple Card for gambling purposes.

What is an Apple Card?

The earliest credit card that Apple offers is the Apple Card, which is distributed by Goldman Sachs. It is made to function with Apple Pay as well as the Wallet application for the iOS device. You also receive an actual card which you may take around for those situations where you are unable to make payments digitally. This card has your full name laser-imprinted into its titanium base.

The Apple Card does not have an identifiable card number or Card Verification Value (CVV) code, compared to the majority of credit cards out there. Your Wallet app has that data saved for when you're in need of it. In a nutshell, it's challenging to use this particular card lacking an accompanying iOS device.

You Can't Use Apple Card at Casinos

Despite its wide range of services, New Zealanders can not pick Apple Card to deposit or withdraw at casinos.

The card has restrictions that cover online gambling, playing pokies, and buying electronic currencies. The card cannot be used to purchase tickets for lottery draws or top-up wallets. "Cash advance and cash equivalents" are how gambling transactions are referred to.

But there may be workarounds for indirectly using the funds from Apple Card to deposit at online casinos.

  • Use a third-party e-wallet: Link Apple Card to an e-wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), transfer funds, and deposit at the casino.
  • Prepaid cards or gift cards: Buy a prepaid or gift card with Apple Card, ensure casino acceptance, load it, and deposit at the casino.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps: Use P2P app to transfer Apple Card funds to a friend, who deposits in casino and returns balance/winnings.

Cash Advances and Cash Equivalents

According to the Apple credit card user agreement, "cash advances and cash equivalents" refer to cash advances along with other activities that are similar to cash. This involves buying cash alternatives like foreign currencies, peer-to-peer payment transfers, and money orders.

New Zealand players won't have the opportunity to use the card to purchase tickets for lottery games, real or online casino gambling chip denominations, wagers on horse races, or any other comparable stakes. Other prohibited cash-like transactions are:

  • Travelers' checks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Wire transfers and other similar transactions

Apple Pay as Alternative to Apple Card for Gamblers

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that has become a preferred choice for for those using iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Important Apple Pay options:

  • Casino Integration: Increasingly adopted by casinos for mobile players.
  • Fee-Free Transactions: Generally no fees from Apple or most casinos.
  • Mobile Slots Compatibility: Supports iPhone and iPad users.
  • HTML5 Technology: Allows seamless play across devices.
  • Easy Depositing: Straightforward process similar to e-wallets.
  • Instant Play: Enables immediate access to online pokie games after deposit.

Status of Using Credit Card at Casinos in New Zealand

Unfortunately, not every casino supports credit card payments in New Zealand.

In fact, even New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs has considered banning it totally. This decision was rooted in the intent of the organization to prevent the potentially harmful and destructive impact of being dependent on credit card gambling.  Although credit cards have limits varying on players' credit scores, financial imbalance is still highly possible.

Using a credit card for betting hinges on factors like the gambling venue, issuing bank, and payment network. With ever-changing laws and attitudes towards online gambling, there's no definitive answer. It's essential to verify whether your card is accepted for gambling purposes. Consult your card issuer and preferred gambling site or the state lottery department for lottery-related queries.


Apple Card functions like a credit card. This could have been a great addition to payment options at casinos with the features it possesses. Nevertheless, New Zealand players cannot utilize it for any gambling transactions and activities in accordance with the user agreement provided by Goldman Sachs and Apple. It genuinely expresses the companies' concern over how this might aggravate the issues of individuals with gambling problems.

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