About Us

Hi and welcome to BetPokies. By reading this, you must be interested in learning more about us. We are glad to be in touch with you! If you're searching for advice, you can rely on regarding gambling in New Zealand, we are here to help. We're still a small team of just a few people, who are involved in several similar projects. To date, in addition to the site about gambling in New Zealand, we run a review site about pokies in Australia. We like considering ourselves as really dedicated persons and doing what we're good at.

Our Mission

We're here to help you find the best online casinos in New Zealand with our directory of reliable, safe sites. That's why we aim to create the only Trusted Online Guide to New Zealand Casinos, making sure everything remains transparent for our readers by only providing reliable information about where they can go gambling safely in order not only to keep themselves entertained but also protect against any possible scams or frauds.

What We Do

While making market research and finding New Zealand casino brands first what we do it’s an in-depth review of each brand. Not all brands can be shortlisted, as it depends on the results of our research and if we find any suspicious facts. For established brands, we also consider their history and previous issues with clients. When you’re looking for a new online casino that will suit your needs and wants, it can be difficult to keep track of all the details. We have years-worth-experience with gambling sites so we decide how safe or trustworthy they are by checking their licenses and other essential characteristics as well 8 – 12 hours spent reviewing one brand including creating a comprehensive review.

How We Rate Casinos

Our evaluation is based on how much the brand corresponds to our vision of the ideal online casino. That is, if a brand is rated lower than another, it does not mean that one casino is worse than another or less safe. It only indicates that we would like players to have a better gaming experience there, or we would like to see a more user-friendly interface, a wider range of presented payment options, game providers or other important features. What is really important to us is the principle that we review, but you rate.

What is Our Background and Why Should You Trust Us?

Our first version of BetPokies.com was launched in 2020 for the Australian market and now represents New Zealand too! But that doesn’t mean our history is only a few years old — before then every member of staff worked directly within the industry plus those involved with writing reviews play online casino games regularly. So, you see this gives us an edge when reviewing online casinos because we know what's important to show new players and explain how things work.

BetPokies, including all of its employees, is not associated with any of the online casinos. But BetPokies is an affiliate site and this means that if you sign up for any chosen online casino by following the link from our website, we will receive a certain percentage of cash spent by you in that casino. It’s a kind of reward for promoting that brand. We really do our best to make sure that you can learn useful information about only the best casino brands. We never get paid for manipulating brand information or making star-rating higher. So, it doesn’t affect our reviews. Also, we do not place a large number of all possible brands, but only the ones that we think are worth your attention.

How We Earn

As we mentioned above, BetPokies.co.nz is an affiliate site. This means that we help online casinos gain visibility in exchange for a commission on any players spending real money at online casino. This practice is also common in real-world sectors such as banking or cosmetics. You have probably also come across similar programs such as Refer a Friend. It is unlikely that you would advise your friend anything suspicious or of poor quality. So wouldn’t we. There are now thousands of casinos online. Of these, there are really safe and worthy ones to choose from that can be recommended to our readers.

Do we get paid hosting offers from brands? Of course, but this will not affect the results of our review in any way. We care about our reputation and are always in favour of fair and transparent cooperation.